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Here are a few photos from a previous NGABHDA fun event. (set to advance every 5 sec; use arrows as needed).


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Photos from Winter 2016 AKC Herding Trial

AKC Farm Dog Certification
September 16, 2017

Two events

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The purpose of the Farm Certification is:  “to  assess  the  overall  conduct  of  a dog  in  a  typical  farm environment.  The  dog  must  demonstrate  self-control when  exposed  to  livestock  and  other  unique  sights,  sounds and scents. The dog must exhibit confidence and a willingness to comply with instructions when confronted with a variety of situations. The FDC Test is not intended to  confer herding  ability,  but  rather  a  foundation  of  self-control and biddability beneficial to all working dogs.”  For more information go to the AKC website and search for Farm Certification; it is located in Chapter VIII of the Herding Rules and Regulations Booklet.

The test is open to all dogs 9 months or older who are registered with AKC, recorded in the FSS program, have a PAL registration, or are enrolled in the AKC Canine Partners program.

A ribbon is offered to a dog who passes a run.  If a dog passes two tests under two different judges, the owner may apply for the suffix FDC title by submitting a form (available at the test) and a fee to AKC.

Contact Melissa Scott:  706-201-3836, 65 Terry Dee Lane, Colbert, GA 30628  

AKC Winter Herding Trial
Dec 30 and 31, 2017

Classes:  Test Level with sheep (PT and HT); Trial Level - 2 trials each day (ducks and sheep), started, intermediate, advanced classes; courses A and B.

Please Note:  The AKC Instinct Test IS NOT offered at these trials.  Check out the fun day instinct test opportunity below.

Judges:  Rachel Vest and Ron Fisher

Premium:  Gay Silva, trial secretary (

Prizes/trophies will be belt buckles and stand glass boxes for sheep and duck HIT - alternating items by stock each day.  Terry Wofford will donate hand-made leather leashes for high score on ducks and high score on sheep each day.

AKC Herding Trial - Spring 2018
Weekend of March 31

Mark your calendars now:  the trial has been moved up 1 week to avoid conflict with the Master’s PGA Tour


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